This website revolves around blogging, technology, and all things in between. While there is a very keen focus on the aspect of blogging by itself, there is a technology subject that comes to the fore. This site also strikes as a site that features social media blogging in particular. It is highly essential to acknowledge that there is the broader discussion and focus on technology, and it is equally important to also look at the areas within technology – like social media – that form the focus of this site.

The author, Athena, focuses mainly on posts relating to technology when it comes to this website. Most of Athena’s works on this site range from social media related posts to key issues and concerns that revolve around technology in general in today’s world. The author has a keen interest in blogging, and most of the posts on the site exhibit this interest.

The team, just like the author, is made up of a group of enthusiastic individuals as far as blogging and technology go. The website is a reflection of the work of the entire team. The team has a keen understanding of technology aspects, and the website is operational due to the effort and the collaboration of the team members as far as the posts, and all other aspects are concerned.

While technology is vast, the team and the author of the website do not cover all areas but instead look at areas like social media, and other key areas of concern as well.