Do you need help in refining your Instagram account? Worry no more! This article will give you valuable tips on how to build an effective IG account. Hashtag read more.


But first, why should you improve your Instagram account?


You may be thinking, “Why do I have to work on my social media account? Can’t I just post photos and write any captions?”


Sure, you can! If you are using your Instagram account for the sole purpose of recreation, then that is okay. However, if you want to attract potential employers, future business partners, and sought-after clients, then you should develop your Instagram and other social media accounts.


Read this slowly: Your Instagram can help you advance your career.


Remember that we have gone digital, and technology has been quickly advancing. In some line of work, employers and human resource personnel are not only checking on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to scrutinize job candidates. They are also looking into Instagram accounts to learn about the applicants beyond what they can read in their resumes.


Another question that you might want to add is this, “What type of company may be interested in my Instagram account?” Now that is a good question! There are employers from schools and universities, hotels and restaurants, publication industry, fashion, and best translation services to name a few. Even financial industries are interested in checking your Instagram account.


Are you excited to learn more? Read further and discover the best essay-writing skills that will help you build an IG account that will help you get the job of your dreams.


Vital Essay-Writing Skills to Refine an Instagram Account


Skill 1: Being flexible. In writing, you have to adapt to various writing styles and tailor your content depending on your readers or—in your IG account’s case—followers. A flexible writer is a good asset. Almost every aspect of the world is quickly changing, so if you are highly adaptive to change, people will love to work with you. This skill will reflect in the way you comment on others’ posts too.


Skill 2: Being clear and straightforward. Simply put, it’s the ability to keep it short and simple. In writing, it is a cardinal rule to express, not to impress. So when you write a post or comment on something, avoid being superfluous.


Skill 3: Being creative. Creativity is key. Employers are always looking for creative people. When you are creative, you are also resourceful—two traits that managers will love their candidates to have.


Skill 4: Being witty. Wit makes matters light. When you can engage in witty conversations, people will describe you as ingenious and sharp-witted.


Skill 5: Being able to connect. This is a very helpful skill in writing. When you can connect your thoughts, your paragraphs will flow smoothly.


Skill 6: Being passionate. A passionate writer will always make a huge difference. You can see through his words that he cares and loves—a trait that makes a person endearing.


Skill 7: Being good in grammar and semantics. Technically, this is important. A good grammar reflects a person that is careful, thorough, and intelligent. When you write your post or add comments, don’t forget to check your grammar.


Skill 8: Being detail-oriented. Your attention to detail will always count. Be mindful of using the right punctuation, spelling, hashtags, formatting, and so on. Remember, people will always notice even the smallest flaw.


Skill 9: Being organized. In essay writing, organizing pieces of information is important. Otherwise, your collected data will be all over the place. When you write, don’t forget to organize your thoughts first.


Skill 10: Being driven. A motivated spirit speaks volumes. Just like in essay writing, you need to include a hint of motivation or a call to action in your conclusion. How to apply this on Instagram? Ask people to double-tap, share, or leave a comment.


Now you know what to do!

Apply our recommended essay-writing skills in beefing up your Instagram account. Whether you are only going for some amusement or hoping to build up a strong portfolio, you will never go wrong with having an attractive and inspiring content.