how to do a works cited page

Continue with the numbering convention used throughout the paper by including your last name and the page number in the upper right-hand corner of the Works Cited page.
Center the title, “Works Cited” (without quotation marks), at the top of the page. If only one source was consulted, title the page “Work Cited”.

Citations beginning with names and those beginning with titles are to be alphabetized together. Numbers in titles are treated as though they have been spelled out. For names, alphabetize based on the letters that come before the comma separating the last name from the first, and disregard any spaces or other punctuation in the last name. For titles, ignore articles such as “a” and “the” (and equivalents in other languages) for alphabetization purposes.
For full guidance, please consult The Chicago Manual of Style Online (access for UNC affiliates via Onyen login).

For an article from a magazine, list the author’s last name, followed by the first name. The title of the article follows in quotation marks, the title of the periodical is underlined and followed by the date of publication and the pages where the article appears in the magazine.
For a book list the last name of the author followed by the last name, the title of the book in italics or underlined, the place of publication followed by a colon, the publishing company and finally the year of publication, like in the example that follows: