There are several apps which can be used efficiently to add or create a collection of music or other media files. These apps include iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify. As one of the music apps, iTunes is the only application that offers music collection service with ultimate ease-of-use. iTunes music allows one to stream thousands of songs from different genres and categories without having without having to maneuver through other applications or websites. Through the iTunes app, Apple Company enhances music enthusiasts to experience a pocket-friendly entertainment platform with the ability to listen to live music in the playlist even after going offline.

Thesis statement

There are many music applications for music out in the cyberspace today, but the price, quality, and accessibility associated with iTunes music makes the app to be one of the best in my eyes.

iTunes’ Quality and Accessibility

The ‘Human-Powered Recommendations’ feature of the iTunes is one of the best and most used commands applicable in searching for the user-preferred songs. The algorithm is favorably used in other music services to suggest the music that the user might want. This approach is ordinarily tedious as it always gives similar results instead of presenting the exact song of interest. When conducting searches using iTunes the Human-Powered Recommendation is of great help since it provides first only the specific song as other related tunes follow in alphabetical order (Miller 507). Under this service, the user can move to the For You Tab that has a stock of playlists and artist recommendations, hence, closely matching the searches and saving the unnecessary time that could have used to look for other different songs by an artist.

Beats 1 radio is another incredible service facilitated by Apple’s iTunes music. The radio service allows the user to listen to a wide range of music playing in a non-stop sequence. The users also get the chance to hear their best artists and musicians in live shows. Furthermore, the features play music throughout the time in all the days of the week. Most famous and celebrated Disk Jokes like, for example, Zone Lowe, keeps the listeners entertained by mixing and playing exclusive playlists as requested. The mixing and section of songs by the DJs are always hip and trendy as compared to the services offered in traditional radios and music shows (Biersdorfer 32). One can log in his or her account on the radio’s website and request for the songs to be played during the DJ season. This service is available, especially where one cannot afford to purchase some expensive songs on iTunes. Lastly, Beats 1 radio gives the listeners a fantastic opportunity to experience interviews with the artists. Both established and up-coming celebrities connect with their fans over this channel.

Affordable Prices

The cost of experiencing fulltime and unlimited entertainment from iTunes music is relatively affordable. Typically, the rates of accessing and downloading tunes and mix reduce occasionally and with different promotions. A new iTunes user application allows a free trial version to access and store music in the playlist for 90 days. During this time one can obtain and store files temporarily for offline usage. At the same time, the user can choose to pay for either monthly or weekly subscription to access the downloading services. After the subscription expires, iTunes charges around $10-12 for more music subscription each month for every single user. In case of a family or any group that is closely related, the service goes for only $14.99 per month. These prices have been deemed to be inexpensive by most of the customers. However, since the subscriptions come with lots of rewards and bonuses for regular subscribers, iTunes charges are relatively fair for the users.


iTunes music appears to have everything that Apple Company promised to include in the app. The app puts itself on a competitive edge in the music market by providing user-friendly services that attract minimum prices as compared to other music applications available in the cyberspace. Nevertheless, iTunes app has the potential of becoming the best music streaming platform. However, some unfavorable app aspects such as inadequate tooltips need improvement for the full attainment of its primary and intended goals.