Instagram blogs are now trendy, especially to teenagers. It is a form of blogging that is referred to as microblogging because information is shared in bits. You only have to have the audience and meet their expectations so that they can keep following you every other time you update an Instagram blog. Once you keep up with your audiences’ expectations, you will thank whoever invented this application because money will start trickling in as long as your creative antennae remain alert at all times. But don’t forget about how your blog can influence on everyday life of different people, you can also read about this in the essay on impact of social media on society.

Anyone who believes in being cool takes a picture having Instagram in mind. How about we get ways in which you can make money because of your nature of being the coolest kid in the block thanks to your blog?

Set Up an Instagram Account

The obvious and ultimate first step is that you have to come up with an account of your own. While at it;

  • Have in mind the kind of product or blog information you would wish to share with your audience.
  • Conduct some background research that will help you understand the needs of your audience
  • Come up with strategies that you will use in marketing your Instagram blog
  • Start rolling out the Instagram blog

Learn the Instagram Tricks

These are the tricks that will help you get to a broader audience. This is a way of getting traffic to your Instagram blog. You may use Facebook because many people are still using it. When you have marketed your product, link it to Facebook so that you can entice your Facebook audience to see your products on Instagram. When they are awed by what you post on Instagram, they will follow you, and it will be an excellent platform for marketing any other product you may wish to bring forth.

Make Use of Your Bio

Ever heard or seen most celebrities ask you to get their link on the bio? This is because Instagram does not allow you to post links alongside photos. So, when you want to make money from your Instagram post, ensure that you mention repetitively that there is a link on the bio that people need to click. Therefore, make use of Instagram when you want to get traffic on your website. The more traffic you have on your site, the more people get to advertise their products with you.

Embrace the Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are not just a twitter thing. When you have an Instagram blog, the more you use, the wider the audience you reach. When for instance you use a hashtag that is trending, when people search the hashtag on the Instagram search button your Instagram blog will pop up. That will help in marketing your blog especially when the successive posts of the hashtag are creative. It all boils down to your creativity and how crisp and to the point your hashtags on Twitter are.

Use Creative Photos

When you have an Instagram blog, ensure that you have pictures that match the content of whatever writing you have put out to the public. People are attracted to pictures first before they go into the words. When you have great photos, they will help in attracting the readership of your Instagram blog. The more they are drawn to the pictures, ensure you do not disappoint them by putting up a mediocre blog post. Give them a reason to look forward to reading the next blog post. By that, you will get an audience which will help you make money through your Instagram blog post.

Since an Instagram blog is a new kid in the block, we are all still learners in the game. I hope this guide will help you take Instagram blogging a notch higher. The digital space is the new cool and one of the easiest ways of making money online. Be careful not to be duped into making money online using dubious means. You don’t have to fret when you have a surplus of creative juices that can make you get money by just blogging on Instagram.